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Eyeglasses are made on a per-customer basis with lenses that contain your exact prescription. We have a wide variety of frames to choose from, and lenses can also be cut to fit your existing frames.

A variety of lenses are offered from single vision to progressives, as well as bifocal and trifocal lenses, and transitions.


We sell sunglasses as well and many sunglass frames can be fit with prescription lenses. We are also able to tint prescription sunglass lenses in-house in both solid colors and gradients. 



Adjustments are free to all customers for the life of the product and anytime you get new lenses or frames, your frames will be fit and properly adjusted before you leave.

In addition we can easily perform repairs or replace part or all of a frame in the event something is bent or broken, even if you didn't get your glasses from us. 


We can fit prescription lenses to a range of athletic or protective eyewear, ranging from safety glasses and diving masks, to sports eyewear and ski goggles. Just let us know what you need, chances are we've done it before!

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